Friday Links: Ravioli Soup, Magic Knot, Ghost Words.

Closeup of embroidery on white fabric. Two pinecones are embroidered at the bottom, with rosemary next to them.

I have started stitching the last motif in the Wheel of The Year stitchalong project. I’m going to miss it! I’m hoping I can finish it by Samhain, on November 2nd. But we’re in Denmark at the moment so I may be having too much fun with my family to do any embroidery! :-)

Have a great weekend. x Carina

How to make a magic knot.

The art of Laurence Scarfe.

Quick and easy ravioli soup.

Stitch Dictionary – Pintangle.

The Baltic Way: the day holding hands changed the world.

Highland Colours blog.

“Ghost Words: Fake words that made it into the dictionary”.

Colcha embroidery.

The art of Alice and Martin Provensen.


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