Ebook: Temperature Quilts, Embroideries And Other Craft Projects

Screenshot of the cover of a PDF ebook in A4 format. On the cover is a closeup of an embroidery in a grid with lots of colourful squares. The title text sits in a white circle.

I have made quite a few long term projects over the past few years. A steps quilt, temperature embroideries (2021 and 2022), 100 day projects (satin dots and stitch sampler) etc.

I love making this kind of projects but before I started doing them I wished there was some kind of resource with tips for how to make one. Well, there is now, because I wrote an ebook about it. Write the book you want to read! :-D

It is called Temperature Quilts, Embroideries And Other Slow Craft Projects.

It is full of all the advice and tips I could possibly think of from my experience with my own projects. I hope it will be useful to others. Whether you are already planning on starting a project or maybe this will inspire one.

Some of the things covered in the ebook:

  • How to work out a temperature scale (I also include the one I use)
  • Deciding on the size of the project
  • Ideas for things to track
  • How to keep track of your information
  • Tips on preparing for a large project
  • How to estimate the amount of materials you will need
  • Design/layout of your project
  • Quilt block suggestions
  • Interviews with others about their projects, including Jo Avery and Karen Lewis.
  • Templates and tracking spreadsheets

Buy the ebook here: Temperature Quilts, Embroideries And Other Slow Craft Projects.

A collage of screenshots of ebook pages on a linen fabric background.

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