Imbolc Stitching

A mandala inspired design is partially stitched in green and turquoise colours on white fabric stretched in a wooden embroidery hoop.

This is what my Imbolc embroidery looks like so far. To be honest, I had hoped to have finished it by now. But life and a pain in my thumb meant I had to stop All. Those. French. Knots. for a while. :-)

Join the Wheel of The Year stitchalong here if you too want to stitch a lot of French knots. Or replace them with something else which is totally fine! One of the others is using colonial knots instead and it looks great. :-)

I’m very happy with how Imbolc is turning out. I love the texture. And it is giving me the feeling, of buds and seeds starting to appear on trees and on the ground, that I was hoping for.

I can’t wait to finish it and then it will be time to start stitching for the next festival in the Wheel. :-)


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