Finished: Spring Equinox

Close view of a mandala inspired design in green colours with pops of pink., embroidered on white fabric.

The finished Spring Equinox motif in the Wheel of The Year stitchalong. Perfect timing too, with blossom trees being pink and other trees starting to show their buds. There is like a green haze about most trees. I love spring. :-)

Two mandala inspired designs in green colours embroidered on white fabric framed in a wooden embroidery hoop.

Here is Spring with Imbolc. I am very happy with how they look together. This year’s Wheel is very different from last year’s wheel. Last year it was laid out in a more traditional circle and the motifs were figurative. This year is fairly abstract as you can see. I was a bit…I dunno..nervous about how it would turn out but I quite like that is abstract because that means you can put whatever meaning into it that you like…

I can’t wait to stitch the rest of it. :-)

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