Happy Beltane!

Close view from above of a wooden embroidery hoop with white fabric. On the fabric are embroidered two mostly green mandala inspired round motifs. A third motif is partially embroidered, mainly in shades of pink with accents of yellow and lime green.

It is finally starting to feel like spring. Right on cue for Beltane. Warmer temperatures and the trees are almost completely green. And blossoms are appearing everywhere! I love this time of year. Just waiting for the hawthorn to blossom…one of my favourites spring time smells. :-)

Here is my Beltane embroidery, partially stitched. I think I say this every season, but I am so looking forward to working the next motif in the Wheel of The Year. I wish I had become familiar with it sooner, the Wheel is such a lovely framework for the year…

Join the Wheel of The Year stitchalong here. :-)

Close view of pale and bright pink apple blossoms among spring green leaves.

This apple tree couldn’t be a better colour match for the Beltane embroidery if it tried! Perfect. I always keep an eye on this tree when I walk Blake. When it blossoms then I know that spring is here. And that green + pink combination is just perfect. One of my favourite colour combinations. :-)

View of a country lane with hedges and trees on both sides, leading towards a slight bend where two trees are almost touching each other across the lane.

Just to the right of the apple tree is this lane that goes between some fields. I love how the trees almost meet above it. A leafy tunnel. I would love to walk down the lane but the cars that come through there go really fast so it’s not safe.


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