100 Day Project So Far

Dark denim blue fabric square decorated with running stitches, sequins and Suffolk puffs in various sizes and pink colours.

We have just started page 15 in the 100 Day Project prompt stitchalong so I thought it would be a nice time to catch up with a few recent finishes. You should join us! Get 24 different creative, stitchy prompts that will end up as a textile book. And no need to finish it in 100 days, take your time! :-)

Here are updates One and Two.

First is trying out some Suffolk puffs (or yoyos if you’re in North America?). I quite like making these but I do it very rarely. Not sure why? They add a nice texture and you can do lots of things with them. Decorate with beads or buttons of put a bit of fabric in the centre. Maybe something to experiment with…

Leaf shaped holes have been cut in a square of dark magenta fabric to reveal a pink and green fabric piece underneath.

Raw edge reverse appliqué with a patchwork as the bottom layer. I like the technique a lot. But I don’t like this page very much. The top fabric does not work very well with the colours in the bottom layer. It really annoys me. I’m actually tempted to re-do this page, just because I’m so annoyed with it. But that’s not really in the spirit of my project. We’ll see…

A green and white square of fabric has been decorated with black leaf shaped stamps, pink stitches and sequins. Across the centre of the fabric is appliquéd another piece of fabric with this quote stamped on it: Never allow anyone to be humiliated in your presence. Elie Wiesel.

Stamping on fabric. Using some stamps I carved many years ago. I like this page. And I like that I was finally able to use this quote in something. It has been in my head for over two years since I saw it on the Swiss Miss blog.

A wooden embroidery hoop with a yellow square of fabric framed in it. On the fabric are stitched rows of different stitches in yellow, orange and pink colours.

A stitch sampler! This is my jam! but slightly outside my comfort zone because I rarely use this much yellow. I like it. :-)

A pale peach coloured fabric with a print of small white flowers. On the fabric is appliquéd random organic shapes in different pastel colours.

I enjoy needle turn although it is a bit fiddly. This page is nice enough but maybe a bit boring. I’m tempted to add some stitching to the background fabric, just to add a bit of texture. Maybe…


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