100 Day Project Close to The End

Over head view of wooden embroidery hoop with purple fabric. On the fabric is an embroidered circle that almost fills the hoop. The circle is divided into seven sections, stitched with the same geometric pattern but in seven different colours.

Today is day 91 of the 100 day project. The time seems to have flown past! I thought I’d share a few more of the finished pages for my project. Some of my favourites. Although I like them all. Except one, perhaps…

First up: oversize blackwork on this delightful Wiltshire shadow fabric from Liberty. The colours for the embroidery is actually inspired by another piece of Liberty quilting fabric. The two were next to each other in a random pile and I like the combination and so I used the colours for the embroidery. :-)

Over head view of wooden embroidery hoop with dark blue fabric. On the fabric are stitched two appliqué flowers with bead decoration. A third flower is worked in tufting stitch which gives it a fluffy appearance, a bit like a fabric pompom.

Isn’t this a fun, fluffy texture?! The stitch is called tufting, sometimes Victorian tufting, and it feels kinda like a fabric pompom. I love the effect. It is a bit hard to tell in the picture but it is actually worked in multiple layers with different colours. Unfortunately, it was a bit hard going, working this stitch. My right thumb wasn’t happy about it so I had to stop after one of the flowers.

Over head view of wooden embroidery hoop with pale pink fabric. On the fabric is a large spiral filled with fabric, beads and sequins in rainbow order, starting with yellow in the middle and green at the outer end.

This turned out exactly like I had imagined AND also so much better. A picture does NOT do this justice. There are so many glittery beads and sequins on this, it has to be seen in motion. Maybe I’ll do a separate post about it, with a wee video. The page is really heavy because of all the glass beads. Love it. :-)

Over head view of a square of yellow fabric. On the fabric is stitched a pattern of crosses with thread woven through the points of the crosses.

A sashiko inspired page. With sort of CMY(K) colours. It is interesting to see how the thread colours interact… Stitched on the wrong side of yellow Wiltshire shadow fabric so the print is a bit more subtle.

Over head view of a square piece of fabric with a print of pink circles. On the fabric are appliquéd simplified mushrooms using bright fabrics all printed with dots in different sizes.

Artist inspired page, can you guess who? It is a happy coincidence that this and the sashiko page will be next to each other in my finished project. This page is inspired by the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. It was so fun to pull out all my dotty and spotty fabrics to make this! :-)



  1. Barbara H.
    May 23, 2023 / 11:18 pm

    Love the bead/button ROYGBIV color spiral! Have you shown this before or am I thinking of another one in the last several months with beads and/or buttons that I also liked a lot? Oh well, doesn’t matter – this has great color transitions and wonderful texture. I also really like the Victorian tufting. I guess it’s obvious I have a thing for color and texture. Nice work!

      • Barbara H.
        May 25, 2023 / 9:54 pm

        Yep, that was the one! I also really like the blackwork – I’m a fan of contemporary interpretation of traditional stitches like blackwork in colors or (or whitework with color like Trish Burr does). The stitch blackwork color combos/transitions here are great. – Barb

        • Carina
          May 26, 2023 / 8:26 pm

          Thank you! Yes, I love contemporary takes too. Thank you for mentioning the colour whitework by Trish Burr, I had missed that somehow. :-)

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