Happy Samhain!

View from above of a large piece of white fabric, partially stretched in a wooden embroidery hoop. On the fabric are embroidered several mandala inspired designs in different colours, green, pink, yellow and orange.

It is time for the next instalment in the 2023 Wheel of The Year stitchalong. I have really been looking forward to stitching this on because I had planned on using the battlement filling stitch. It is one of my favourite stitches: the way it is worked, the way it looks. Love it. :-)

I’m looking forward to finishing this motif over the next few days.

This project has been such a lovely companion through the year. I am a little bit sad that now there’s only one motif to go… but there’s always next year! :-)

Overhead view of white fabric stretched in a wooden embroidery hoop. On the fabric is embroidered a mandala inspired design in purple and orange colours.

Here’s a wee look at the finished Autumn Equinox motif.

It wasn’t a conscious decision when I designed this project but it had turned into a sort of stitch sampler and I absolutely love that. Because I love stitch samplers a lot. :-)

Join the 2023 Wheel stitchalong here.


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