New Pattern: Wheel of The Year 2023

Overhead view of a large wooden embroidery hoop with white fabric. On the fabric are embroidered eight small mandala inspired designs, each in a different dominant colour: blue, lime green, spring green, pink, yellow, orange yellow, orange and purple.

I’ve forgotten to tell you about the finished Wheel of The Year 2023 project. I love the end result very much. So many happy colours, so many happy hours of stitching. :-)

And I hadn’t quite planned it that but the pattern turned into a stitch sampler. I think it ended with 24 different stitches. I always enjoy playing with more stitches and not just sticking with my old standbys. Some of them I pushed slightly beyond how they are normally used and that was quite fun.

The pattern for Wheel of The Year 2023 is available in my shop. With the pattern you also get access to a video for each motif where I show how to use the different stitches in that particular motif.

When the 2023 Wheel is added to the basket, you also automagically get an offer to save 30% off the Wheel pattern from 2022.

Here are the two together. I love how different they are. One that is figurative and sort of naturalistic. Dare I say, romantic? And the other one that is abstract, absolutely not figurative. With the mandala inspired designs maybe it’s…meditative..?

I couldn’t pick a favourite of the two. Although 2023 may beat 2022 by a whisker, simply because the colours are more the focus. :-)


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