Embroidered bookmarks

I’ve been doing some embroidery lately. Today I finished three of my little embroidery projects.

Mexican inspired bookmarks. I’m really happy with them. I love the colours and the silly designs. One of the purposes of these bookmarks, was to learn some more embroidery stitches. And I have! Three or four new stitches. Yay!

I’m especially happy to have learnt the Danish knot stitch. At first it came out a complete mess, but once you learn it, it’s easy! I liked doing the buttonhole wheels with variegated thread, I think that looks really pretty.

I’m working on more bookmarks. And also some other projects with similar inspiration.

Embroidery is really relaxing, and you can do it while doing other things, like watching telly. Which is actually exactly what I’ve been doing. In fact, I’ve gotten in to this habit of doing embroidery after I’ve eaten my lunch, while similarly watching the Gilmore Girls. Oh those girls!


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