Simply Stitching – I wrote a book

Ok! I’ve mentioned a mysterious Big Project a couple of times and now I finally have it in my hands! I wrote a book. And this is it. Simply StitchingYour No-Fuss Guide to Colourful Embroidery.

It is a combination of my two ebooks, Small Stitches and Stitching Borders and Beyond. The Small Stitches part has been re-stitched and re-photographed. Plus there’s a section with all new stuff about tools and techniques. And a couple of extra patterns for good measure.

And it’s not an ebook! It’s a proper printed book with a shiny cover and everything! It is only available as a print on demand book through the Blurb site. (Although it will be available as an ebook eventually, but that’s a different story).

Man, a lot of hours have been poured into making this book a reality. And it’s all done by me. I’m not sure I would have done it if I had realised just how long it would take. I mean, who writes, stitches, photographs and designs a book all by themselves?! Crazy people, that’s who!

But who am I kidding, I’d do it again! It’s a lot of fun and I have learnt a lot. Especially about killing your darlings and appreciating coincidences. Isn’t it funny how things we think are ‘mistakes’ suddenly turn out to be the best thing that could have happened?

I have two extra copies so if you would like one of those (£15 incl. UK shipping, elsewhere will be a bit more), please get in touch.

Here’s a page from the book. If you fancy seeing more pages, there is a preview widget below. The preview is quite small but you can view it in fullscreen mode too. Or you can click over to the book’s Blurb page to have a look.

The book is £16.49 + shipping in the Blurb store, but I can buy it in bulk and save about 10% off the ‘factory’ price, making the book about £3-4 cheaper. But I need to buy more than 10 to get the bulk discount. If you are interested in buying the book from me please get in touch.

Anyone who buys the book will also receive the patterns from the book as a PDF absolutely free of charge if they let me know they bought the book.

Wow. I wrote a book. That’s friggin’ awesome! I mean, not that that I wrote a book (well, that too!), but the fact that that is possible. Anyone can write a book. You don’t even need any fancy software. We don’t need anyone’s permission. You can just do it. And I think you should. :-)


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