New Pattern :: Wild Rose Warbler

I have a new pattern, Wild Rose Warbler, in the shop and usually that is very exciting. But this week there is a bit of a dampener on that excitement. You have probably heard of the awful fire in a high rise apartment block in London. So sad and awful and terrifying.

When I was a little girl, around six years old, I was playing at a friend’s house. Her little brother had wet the bed in the night and they had put the mattress in front of an electric heater to dry it. The mattress caught fire and then the rest of the house was on fire too.

I was so scared and I remember standing on a bed not knowing what to do. Luckily, a fireman came and got me. It was such a long time ago, but the memory of that experience is still so vivid in my mind. I can still see the flames all over the linoleum floor in their kitchen.

No one was hurt on that day, but when something like the fire in London happens, the memory bubbles up again. If that day has made such a strong impression on me, I can only imagine how the survivors of the Grenfell fire will be affected, now and long term.

It makes me feel quite helpless, but it warms my heart that so many people in the community and the country are giving resources and time and hugs to the people affected.

Usually, I’d give you a discount for a new pattern, but instead I am going to donate 50% of every sale of the new pattern until Tuesday to the victims of the fire. I am also going to donate 50% of any order that includes the new pattern.

So please go buy some of my stuff so we can hopefully make a small contribution to rebuilding their lives. And please, please hug your loved ones.


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