New Pattern :: Hearts’n’Roses

Another new pattern?! Yes! I guess you could say that my patterns are like London buses, you wait for one for ages and then three come along at once. One last week, one today…maybe there will be another next week? ;-)

The Hearts’n’Roses* pattern uses two of my recent stitch favourites, spider web rose and heart shaped buttonhole wheel. I find mtself adding them to a lot of my stitchy projects this year.

This pattern has quite the spring like feel, but of course you can easily switch the colour for an autumnal palette – or even a Christmas-y one!

The pattern has the usual colour and stitch guides, but with a bit more guidance than usual. Most of my patterns can be stitched in whatever order you like, but for this one it is beast/easiest to stitch it in a particular order. The pattern also includes links to a few stitch tutorials if those stitches are new to you.

Ack, those roses! ♥ And those stars are one of my all time favourite stitches.

*It’s kinda appropriate that the radio is playing a Guns’n’Roses song as I’m typing this..! :-D


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