Friday Links: Momfluencers, Monsters, Capitalism

My favourite time of the garden year: the tulips have appeared! I love, love, love tulips! Peonies are my favourite flowers, but tulips are a close second.

I hope you have a lovely weekend. We have planned a little trip to Southend-on-Sea tomorrow. I can’t wait to smell the sea air and maybe eat some ice cream. :-)

On Sunday I am having my second jab (team Pfizer) I just hope I don’t have any side effect, since Monday is my birthday and I’d prefer not to be feeling under the weather! But I’d rather feel a bit under the weather on my birthday than have actual Covid-19 of course! xo Carina

Speaking of flowers, the Birds & Blooms stitchalong starts on May 4th, so do sign up for that if you fancy a no pressure stitchalong with birds and flowers. Four patterns for just £6.00, bargain! :-)

Doppelhaushälften (double house halves). {via}

Even in death, these women were told ‘Give us a smile, love!’ So creepy, so wrong.

In the studio with David Hockney RA (YouTube video.)

David Hockney shows his sketch book (YouTube video.) Yes, I fell down a David Hockney rabbit hole on YouTube. :-)

How to make time for your art habit.

What forty years of increasingly deregulated free-market capitalism has actually achieved. TL;DR: nothing good.

The tension/discomfort/disturbance that comes about in teams or interpersonally around racial ‘differences’.

Cheery Illustrated Monsters Strut through New York City Streets. Reminds me a bit of Studio Ghibli films.

Yayoi Kusama’s Fascination with Nature Is Crucial to Understanding Her Art.

A Spectacular Polka Dot-Filled Exhibition by Yayoi Kusama Sprawls Across New York Botanical Garden. I wish I could go experience this. I saw an exhibition of Kusama’s work in London in 2016 and it was actually a pretty emotional experience.

Victorian Era-Inspired Momfluencers Are Taking Over Instagram.


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