Magnolia Slow Stitching Kit

I love raw edge appliqué. It is the perfect combination of hand stitching and using pretty fabrics, sometimes teeny tiny bits of precious scraps. Making a picture with those scraps. I love that kind of slow stitching. And it doesn’t have to be perfect. The edges are already raw and maybe fraying a bit, it gives me permission to just enjoy the stitching and not be on guard for any imperfections. It is a mindful way of stitching I guess. Gentle rhythm of needle and thread through fabric…

And then you can add all kinds of interesting textures with the stitching and various embellishments like beads or sequins. Bits of lace or ribbon, or maybe add some hand stamped details. The possibilities are endless.

I have been thinking about making patterns for this sort of thing but I think it makes more sense to make a kit, so I am giving that a go! The first kit is for a magnolia flower, one of my favourite spring blooms. I love walking by the magnolia trees in the neighbourhood. I took a picture (ok, not just one picture!) of a magnolia flower and drew it on the computer to make a template and then spent some enjoyable time stitching it all. Adding stitches here and there with no rules. It was lovely!

The kit will have everything you need to make this design (measures approx 9″ x 9″). You will only need a few tools: fabric scissors, paper scissors, embroidery scissors (but you can get by with fabric scissors) and a water soluble pen. You will also need fabric to finish/hide the back of the work, or a frame to frame it in.

There are only 8 kits available. The plan is to have it ready to ship by June 21st. I just need to dot the t’s and cross the i’s. And add hand printed details to the background fabric. :-)

Kits are available in my shop now.


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