Imbolc Embroidery

Happy Imbolc! The midpoint between the winter solstice and spring equinox. I have noticed the light returning in the early mornings and I’m happy to see it! There was a point where it was very difficult to drag myself from under the covers to walk Blake in the early mornings. But now the light is returning it will be easier. :-)

This morning I lit some candles while having breakfast, to welcome the light back. I made a bannock for breakfast, so good! Especially fresh off the frying pan, cut open and butter melting on it. :-)

Later I’ll spend some more time on the Imbolc embroidery in the Wheel of The Year project*. I am enjoying working on this SO so so much. That snowdrop was particularly satisfying to stitch. I love a bit of satin stitch.

And I really like thinking of the year split into eight seasons, instead of four. It makes more sense. The cycle of the year is gradual, after all, so why do we split the seasons into just four… It’s not like on October 14th all the trees drop their leaves every year or all birds start building nests on March 18th.

*Join the stitchalong here! :-)


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