Mending Project: Patchwork Blanket

Close view of a mended patch on a patchwork blanket. The patch is pink and white checks with pink stitching across.

I made this patchwork blanket many years ago. These days it is mainly used by Blake and it was looking a bit worse for wear so I had to do a bit of mending. A couple of patches on the front, like this one. With added hand stitching because I felt like it. :-)

Full view of the back of a blanket, made from a floral duvet cover. There are several large patches on the fabric.

The back is made from a vintage duvet cover. It is quite thin, you can even see some of the fabrics on the front through the back fabric. Thin fabric combined with a dog nesting in the blanket meant that there were some pretty big rips in the back!

At this point about a quarter of he back has been patched. Eventually, it is probably going to be all of it! I don’t mind. I kinda look forward to seeing it develop in ways I could never have planned.

The patterned patches on the back are also from a vintage duvet cover. Maybe that’s the sort of thing I will keep adding as necessary…

The front of a fabric blanket made up of square patches in different colours and patterns, mostly red, green, blue and taupe colours.

The front is delightfully wonky. Made up of squares cut to roughly the same size. Before I started quilting. The fabric is cut with scissors and without measuring anything. I just cut one square, then cut the rest using the first as a template. I love it. :-)

As necessary I’ll keep adding more patches. I guess you could say that at this point the blanket is a collaboration with Blake. :-D

Close view of a mended patch in a pink and white check pattern on a patchwork blanket. Blue hand stitches on top of the patch.

There was really no need for me to add this much hand stitching to this patching. But I felt like it and it was just the perfect thing to work on while watching tv on a cold January evening. I love this kind of quiet stitching…


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