Finished Project: 2022 Temperatures

A multicolour embroidery made up of rows and columns of square stitches.

My finished 2022 Temperatures project. I was waiting for an order of threads to arrive so I could finish a missing square from mid December. I did consider just using one of the colours next to it in my range but that would not have been Accurate, so I had to wait. :-D

And I guess technically the project isn’t completely finished because I still need to stitch the border in white stitches but that can wait.

Especially since I have decided to keep making these temperature embroideries for the next few years and I will need to sew them together in some way… I guess I am doing a climate craft project now. It will be interesting to see the development of temperatures although I worry that they will just keep going up…

If you want to make your own temperature project, check out my ebook Temperature Quilts, Embroideries And Other Slow Craft Projects. It includes both the temperature/DMC thread range I am using and a Kona cotton range (actually, three Kona ranges).

Or check out the other temperature embroidery type things. :-)

Close view of a  multicolour embroidery made up of rows and columns of square stitches.

As well as the daily high and low temperatures I have also a few other bits of ‘information’ in the embroidery. On the days when it snowed I started the stitches with white thread. You can just about see that in the top right in this photo. I marked the day when we finally had some rain after weeks of no rain last summer, I started that day with a blue stitch, almost in the middle of the photo. Another thing I marked was the day we had rain with sand from the Sahara. Can you spot it? Fifth column, sixth stitch from the top. A first stitch in orange is juuust visible if you look carefully. :-D

Closeup view of a  multicolour embroidery made up of rows and columns of square stitches. Along the top left corner are white square stitches.

I have started adding a white border but I’m not yet sure how wide to make it. It is my plan to make five or six of these yearly temperature embroideries and I think I’ll want to sew together somehow. Not yet sure how, so I’m not in a hurry to finish the border.

Although I’ve been doing this stitch regularly for a year, I am not sick of it at all. It is such a pretty stitch. Slightly 3D which gives a nice texture. And the fabric has a nice weight now, with all the stitches. You can try the Rhodes stitch with this tutorial.



  1. Lyndle
    April 15, 2023 / 5:03 am

    I love this, especially the eay you have encoded the extra info. Andthe Rhodes stitch looks very nice!

    • Carina
      April 22, 2023 / 2:06 pm

      Thank you! :-)
      I love the Rhodes stitch. :-)

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