Making A Quilt Back

Maybe you remember that in 2020 I worked on a daily Steps quilt top? Guess what? I still haven’t turned it into a finished quilt! But since I use this top as an example project in the Temperature Quilts, Embroideries ebook, I thought maybe now was a good idea to actually finish it!

The back will be made partially from this Denyse Schmidt scrap project I also started in 2020(!) and partially from larger pieces of Denyse Schmidt fabrics.

It is going to be scrappy and wonky and unpredictable and I’m probably going to love the back more than the top! :-)

A pile of folded fabrics roughly in colour order from yellow through oranges, pinks, blues, greens and blacks.

I have started sewing the larger bits together but I still need to cut and sew some more bits, from the pile of fabrics on the right. I can’t wait to finish this quilt. My plan was to hand quilt it but that is time consuming and considering the quilt has already waited two years, I’m leaning towards machine quilting it so I can finish it. This year! :-D


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