A Few Stitcheries

Light pink fabric with four sections stitched in quarter circles, using different thicknesses of thread.

The 100 day project is moving along at its own pace. A bit of daily stitching. It’s nice. :-)

I’m sharing my stitcheries daily in my Instagram stories (here’s the story highlight). You’re ‘supposed’ to share it daily in posts on Instagram but the nature of my project doesn’t really lend itself to that, so I only share each finished stitchery in posts…

You can still join in if you want to make a project similar to mine: I have 24 prompts for you! And you don’t have to finish the project in exactly 100 days! :-)

A blue square of fabric partially covered in various fabric scraps, buttons, sequins and stitches in mostly pink, orange, yellow and blue colours.

I loved making this one. It is very tactile. And once the layers started to build up it has a nice weight to it. :-)

A wooden embroidery hoop with white fabric. On the fabric is embroidered a flower shaped design in cool colours using 12 different stitches.

This one I also really enjoyed. It’s like a mini stitch sampler. I especially liked doing the woven stitch. There is just something about the weaving of threads…

A wooden embroidery hoop with white fabric. On the fabric is a partially embroidered flower shaped design in warm colours using  different stitches.

This one was started yesterday. The woven section was the first I did because…more weaving! :-) I look forward to seeing these two flowers together when this one is finished.


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