June Mini Quilts Part Two

View from above of a mini quilt. The background is a random patchwork in white and light blue with three birds in different shades of blue appliquéd on top.

Here’s the second batch (here’s the first batch) of my Mini Quilt June project. It was a fun project! But more time consuming than I expected. But it’s fine. I learnt some stuff! :-)

Would you do a project like this? Maybe not? It was kind of crazy… So why not buy a mini quilt instead? They are all for sale because I really don’t need 30 mini quilts.

30! I really did actually make 30 mini quilts! :-D

You can check out all the mini quilts here. You know they old saying: buy a mini quilt, support an independent artist. :-)

The one with birds above is one of my favourites although I found the free motion quilting really frustrating. Or maybe it is because it was so frustrating but it turned out well in the end and that is why I like it… I dunno…

Oh and I made a video where I talk my way through all the quilts. Check it out here:

View from above of a mini quilt. The background is red fabric with white and black flowers. On that is appliquéd a sort of flower shape in light blue colours. There is a border in the same light blue fabrics.

If you watch the video you can see the fun effect of the quilting on the back of this red and blue quilt. :-)

These three are some of my favourites. What’s not to love about colours in colour order, right? :-)

An assortment of minis. I especially like the one with green and pink circles. But I am also quite partial to the one with the orange peels. Those colours are just so happy.

More broken quarter circles. I love making these. The end result always surprises me. And they have so much energy. I am just thinking out loud right now but I think I could be tempted to make more of these. Maybe. Let’s see. I already have too many mini quilts! :-D

The wonky log cabin here is another favourite. Partly because of the colours (yum!) but also because of the perspective in the quilt. It’s like looking down into a very tall stairwell… I did not create that effect on purpose, it just kinda happened. by quilt magic…

View from above of a mini quilt. Starting with wonky concentric quarter circles in the right bottom corner, turning to quarter squares with a section of isosceles triangles. The main colours are hot pink, lime green, orange and purple.

The last quilt! For this one I even did some foundation paper piecing for the triangles! I like the effect but foundation paper piecing always confounds me slightly.

I hope you enjoyed the quilts. Which one is your favourite? :-)


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