Happy Summer Solstice

I have been looking forward to the summer solstice. I love the long days at this time of year. And the short nights that are not nights at all but (astronomical) twilight. That feels more ephemeral and less severe than darkest night…

The summer solstice is one of the festivals in the Wheel of The Year and so I have been working on the next pair of pages for my year long project celebrating these festivals. I had hoped to finish these pages by today but there is still some hand stitching to do. And I may add another poppy. Or a butterfly perhaps.

It took several tries before I was happy with my cornflowers. I didn’t have quite the right colour in my stash and then I needed to figure out how to construct the flowers. But I’m happy with the result.

The clover flowers also required a few attempts. I really wanted to try and recreate the fluffiness and the many petals but trying to cut individual petals was just a doomed idea. Too fiddly and I didn’t look quite right. In the end (with some frustration) I grabbed a piece of quilt wadding and put beneath a circle of white. With the variegated pink stitching on top I think I got a reasonable result! :-)

Happy summer solstice! x Carina


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