Calavera Sugar Skull :: Pattern Throwback Thursday

Pattern Throwback Thursday
Staying with the Mexican theme from last week’s Pattern Throwback, this is the Calavera Sugar Skull pattern. I’m not really into skulls in general, but I love sugar skulls. I’ve wanted to make a real one for ages – maybe one day. But for now I’ll have to make do with this stitched version. I think he’s a pretty funky chap.

In the pattern I also included a female version with earrings and stuff. A skull with earrings, of course! :-)

Calavera embroidery pattern
Look at the watermark on the photos, 2011! Time flies like crazy! Maybe it’s time to do another pattern to go along with the other Mexican inspired ones. I’ve been thinking about a Calavera Catrina for a while.

Stitch yourself a Calavera Sugar Skull: polkaandbloom.comPayhipEtsy.

Calavera embroidery pattern - detail

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