A Bit of Christmas Hygge

It still doesn’t feel very much like December is tomorrow. It doesn’t help that we weren’t able to decorate for Christmas yesterday as we usually do. Getting the decorations down from the loft is a two person job and I still have to basically sit on my behind all day to let my leg heal.

Yeah, it’s boring, but it could be a lot worse, eh?!

I did manage to put together a bit of Christmas decorating with a pair of nisser I bought in Denmark in January (so they hadn’t gone in the loft) and I spent most of Saturday making woven paper stars.

We watched a couple of Christmas films over the weekend (Klaus and Home Alone in case you were wondering) and yesterday we had æbleskiver. So there’s a bit of Christmas hygge sneaking in. :-)

We have a couple of these picture shelves in the living room, they got the woven paper star treatment too. I’m kinda liking the minimal decorating. Not that we go all crazy but there’s a lot less than last year!


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