Appliqué Flowers

“I paint flowers so they will not die” ~ Frida Kahlo

Or in my case, I stitch flowers. :-) Lately I have been on a raw edge appliqué…binge, I guess! Finish one flower and then on to the next one. Sometimes working on more than one at a time. Fabric is the perfect way to make flowers come to life.

I must sow some sunflowers in our garden next year. They are such happy flowers. Well, most flowers are! But sunflowers are just extra happy. And I love how its name in so many languages is something to do with ‘sun’. :-)

Stitching a thistle, because I love Scotland.

Did you know that the globe artichoke is actually a big thistle?! I never knew until a few years ago when I saw a globe artichoke plant in flower. Then it becomes bleedin’ obvious! :-D

When I have cut the main elements for an appliqué, I pin everything to the background. But obviously, a bunch of pins is not the best thing to be holding on to. Unless you like being stabbed with pins? So the next step is to tack everything and remove the pins and then I can safely begin the actual fun part of stitching the design.

I usually remove the tacking stitches once it is finished but sometimes I leave them in because I like the random texture they add. I quite like the tacking stitches on the leaves of the thistle but the white is a bit too contrasty. So maybe I’ll do the actual stitching in a similar way instead of keeping the tacking stitches.. Decisions, decisions…



  1. September 4, 2021 / 6:04 pm

    Good morning, do you have a kit for the fantastic sunflower on your blog withe the blue and white background. I just love it, as well as your other designs. However sunflowers and this slow stitch has caught my attention. Enjoy your day, Karen

    • Carina
      September 11, 2021 / 11:55 am

      Hi Karen, thank you for your interest in a kit. Unfortunately, I don’t have kits available at the moment. If you sign up for my newsletter, or follow the blog, any future kits will be mentioned there. :-)

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