Embroidered Cardigan

Folk art style flower in red and pink embroidered on a black cardigan.

The finished embroidery on my cardigan that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. I am happy with how it turned out. But if you remember what the pattern looks like, you’ll see that there are a few dots missing.

Working on the knitted fabric of the cardigan, through Sticky Fabri-Solvy, and with six strands of thread, turned out to be a winning combination for reviving the old RSI pain in my thumb. Ouch. In the end I had to leave out the dots and ask Tony to finish the stitching.

Profile view of a white man  sitting on a sofa, working on embroidery on a black cardigan. The man's face is blurred with large pixels.

Look, proof that Tony was stitching! He’d never done any embroidery before but the bits he stitched for me look pretty good. :-)

Yes, I blurred his face because it’s not my place to put people’s faces on the internet. :-D

I would have liked to have the dots on the cardigan but in the end I’m happy with the embroidery as it is. You can get the flower pattern here, for free, or pay what you want to support the blog.


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