Friday Links: Black Sheep, London, Crochet

Yellow fabric with white flowers stretched in a wooden embroidery hoop. On the fabric is drawn the word stitchery in pink. Small patches of fabric in pink and green are attached to the fabric with stitches in yellow. There are pink and yellow sequins as embellishments.

A fun, mixed media slow stitching project. It’s a thing for another thing and I really hope that I can finish that thing this weekend. :-)

I hope you have a nice weekend. Maybe with a bit of stitching? :-)

x Carina

12 Yarn Ball Types and How to Knit with Them.

The Cailleach’s hammer. Beautiful writing.

The work by Ann-Mari Forsberg. ♥

The Black Sheep of the Family. Are you a black sheep? :-)

Old Tjikko is a 9,550 year-old Norway spruce.

Did you know that there is a bunch of free courses, OpenLearn, from the Open University?

Funky Granny Square Blanket.

Oldest Footage of London Ever.

All of Us Skin Tone Crayons. About bloody time.

Hururu Stitch. Stunning Japanese crochet pattern.


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